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01Delivery will not be a problem
Daily output up to 10000pcs
Hengchun Gifts&Crafts owns 5,000 ㎡ of production base.
More than 50 sets advanced production equipment from both domestic and abroad.
The R&D team consists of 10 undergraduate or higher degree.
More than 50 workers with 10 years experience on handcrafts,and 50 workers with 5 years experience.The daily average output up to 10,000 pcs!
02Its own quality control

department with 18

control process to ensure the high

quality and fine craftsmanship.

Glossy smooth wall paper, no blistering and scratches

Angular position of the ash is not

exposed, not burst or crack

Accessories accurate positioning, paste,

solid surface clean, no stains

Hemming smooth, wrinkle-free, vacant,

no odor and mildew finished。

03 Complete range of products can
be customized with best quality.
you can customize the size and material based on your own requirements,to make precise priced quality products.
04 All our boxes are handmade
artcrafts,with variety colors.
we have feeder, Cutter,bronzing beer and other more than 18 kinds of advanced production equipment.
05 Strong after-sales support Fast shipping with 7 days.
Independent sales team
Offer solution unconditional once you are not satisfied with the quality of boxes. >
Email info@168ybh.com



Hengchun is really a fantastic
Hengchun is really a fantastic

Hengchun is really a fantastic choice for our packaging gift boxes,theyve been always consider everything for customers,help customers to save cost and offer good suggestions which is in accordance with market perspective....

We are satisfied with the desig
We are satisfied with the desig

Have been cooperated with Hengchun for several times,we are happy to work with them.we are satisfied with their novelcreative design,which is in accordance with our products positioning very much.Hengchun is really a fantastic brand!...


Every time there is a new product, testing technology can always give me the product put on beautiful clothes, let my products on the jewelry TTF attending to break out of it, as long as you want to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, I da。。。

A good brand
A good brand

Hengchun processing technology, supporting seamless docking is not caused because of outsourcing cost layers, essential for our customers to consider cost! Before we have the cooperation of other customers, by contrast, we feel the Hengchun...


Show of strength equipment
Company strength show

Focus on Luxury gift box for 10 YearsMore

Shenzhen Hengchun Gifts&Crafts Co.,Ltd.
ShenZhen Hengchun Gifts&Crafts Co.,Ltd is a professional development design, production and sales in one of the high-end gift box manufacturer,the company products are divided into eight series, 5000 specifications for a variety of high-grade watch box, jewelry box, cosmetic box, medal boxes, perfume boxes, craft gift box, heart-shaped gift boxes, leather boxes, cartons, wooden box, mainly in all kinds of exquisite packaging paper, leather, cloth, junction box card box, plastic box, wooden box, etc. at home and abroad, the design and manufacturing for senior watches, perfumes, cosmetics, gifts, jewelry, medals and a variety of collection of luxury products such as packaging box. MORE+


R & D team of the company has first-class production technology and a high degree of cooperation between R & D, design, production team, the courage to open up, dare to innovate, and strive to make our products are high-grade and beautiful, with top ornamental value in one, with gifts, furnishings, and display value. To this end, we will try our best to make the products more beautiful, process more perfect, more complete varieties!

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Celebrate birthday for Hengchun
Celebrate birthday for Hengchun Employees!

Hengchun Family celebrate the birthday party for birthday girls and boys。 Words from Birthday boy: Today is my birthday,thanks for all of you taking time to celebrate for me。This is a very special time for me,pls allow me to send my best wis


Package Outline design principles to be followed
Excellent package exterior design should follow the following principles: (1) combined with the characteristics of the product itself, make full use of the law of formal beauty product form factor. (2) to meet market demand, accurate market
What factors affecting the printing quality ?
In the course of business, to make appropriate print quality evaluation is particularly important, the complexity of the process color printing is well known, a print production, often after ten several steps to complete, involving the comp
Sample Available?
Yes,sample can be provided with a reasonable sample cost,but will be refund once you place a production order.
Usage of packaging box
As a mid-range general packing method used between the inner and the outer packaging box packing between. Packaging box, usually made by a number of colors, giving a strong visual sense, so that buyers and users of commodities overall appear

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